Commit 42142ccf authored by isaacs's avatar isaacs

deeper metatest

parent 899cb590
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ test("http server", function (t) {
// yo dawg!
test("meta-tests", function (t) {
// t.fails() wraps a child test and succeeds if it fails.
t.fails(t.test("this should fail", function (t) {
......@@ -191,4 +191,46 @@ test("meta-tests", function (t) {
t.bailsOut(t.test("this should bailout", function (t) {
t.bailout("oh noes, bailing out!")
// low-level analysis of subtests
t.test("verifying test success/failure expectations", function (t) {
t.once("end", function () {
var res = t.results
, is = t.equal
// hijack!
is(res.ok, false, "ok")
is(res.bailedOut, false, "bailed out")
is(res.skip, 2, "skips")
is(res.skipPass, 1, "skip that passed")
is(res.skipFail, 1, "skip that failed")
is(res.todo, 2, "todos")
is(res.todoPass, 1, "todo that passed")
is(res.todoFail, 1, "todo that failed")
is(res.failTotal, 3, "failures total")
is(, 1, "relevant failure")
is(res.passTotal, 3, "passes total")
is(res.pass, 1, "relevant pass")
is(res.testsTotal, 6, "total tests")
is(res.tests, 2, "should be 2 relevant tests")
// run the metatest.
// *this* is the actual SUT in this case.
t.ok(false, "failing todo #todo")
t.ok(true, "succeeding todo #todo")
t.ok(false, "failing skip #skip")
t.ok(true, "suceeding skip #skip")
t.ok(false, "failing test")
t.ok(true, "succeeding test")
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