Authored by Yves-Alexis Perez


Result of the kconfig-hardened-check script (

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    • CONFIG_SIG_* are WIP and tied to secure boot
    • CONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN* need work because plugins need to be shipped in a binary package (maybe linux-kbuild or a new package) and out-of-tree modules need to be built with the same version the plugins were built with, which can be hard to track in stable and unstable
    • CONFIG_DEBUG_* could maybe be enabled, not sure yet of the impact
    • CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON is not a good idea, rather use slub_debug=P on command line (see
    • CONFIG_PROC_KCORE: not sure it's really more useful than dangerous these days
    • Some features marked as =m might be dangerous in some cases but we can't really disable them in a generic distribution like Debian; preventing autoloading is already nice
    • Other features marked as =y: same thing, not sure we can disable them on Debian
  • Actually CONFIG_SIG is set in debian/rules.gen following the signed-code setting in [build] section of the arch defines. signed-code is enabled in 4.17 (we use SHA256, not SHA512 but it's not really relevant I think).

    Edited by Yves-Alexis Perez
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