Unverified Commit 09a240dd authored by willmeek's avatar willmeek Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #173 from eputnam/pdoc159

(PDOC-159) server urls fix
parents db7ac688 e63f1c31
# Monkey patch URL decoding in object displays. Usually :: is interpreted as a
# namespace, but this is disabled in our base object, and so instead gets
# URL-encoded.
require 'yard/server/commands/display_object_command'
class YARD::Server::Commands::DisplayObjectCommand
alias_method :object_path_yard, :object_path
def object_path
object_path_yard.gsub('_3A', ':')
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ module PuppetStrings::Yard
require 'puppet-strings/yard/handlers'
require 'puppet-strings/yard/tags'
require 'puppet-strings/yard/parsers'
require 'puppet-strings/monkey_patches/display_object_command'
# Sets up YARD for use with puppet-strings.
# @return [void]
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