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(PDOC-137) Bump version to 1.0.0 and update CHANGELOG
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##2016-11-28 - Release 1.0.0
This release fixes up minor bugs from the 0.99.0 release and modifies the JSON schema for Puppet functions.
All related tickets can be found under the [PDOC]( JIRA project with the fix version of [1.0.0](
- The JSON schema for Puppet functions has been altered to include a new 'signatures' top-level key **(PDOC-125)**
- Includes information about all function signatures (overloads). Existing overload key format has been preserved.
- Reworked README for enhanced clarity **(PDOC-133)**
- Fixed an issue where the search box in the code navigator overlapped list items below it **(PDOC-93)**
- Strings can now handle multiple `defaultfor` calls in Puppet providers **(PDOC-95)**
- Fixed an issue preventing the generated \_index.html file from being uploaded to GitHub pages via the gh_pages task **(PDOC-120)**
- Fixed several issues with String's handling of Puppet 3.x and 4.x function return types **(PDOC-135)**, **(PDOC-136)**
- Fixed an issue where String's didn't properly parse overloads if no summary description was provided **(PDOC-129)**
- Strings now correctly handles Puppet 3.x functions when the `newfunction` call is on a newline **(PDOC-122)**
- Fixed an issue where certain Ruby string constructs were incompletely stripped from some docstrings **(PDOC-126)**
- Hanging indents from type feature descriptions are now properly stripped **(PDOC-127)**
##2016-10-10 - Release 0.99.0
...... do |s| = 'puppet-strings' = 'Puppet Inc.'
s.version = '0.99.0'
s.version = '1.0.0'
s.license = 'Apache-2.0'
s.summary = 'Puppet documentation via YARD' = ''
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