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For changes of a trivial nature to comments and documentation, it is not
always necessary to create a new ticket in Jira. In this case, it is
appropriate to start the first line of a commit with '(doc)' instead of
a ticket number.
a ticket number.
(doc) Add documentation commit example to CONTRIBUTING
......@@ -76,6 +76,25 @@ a ticket number.
* After feedback has been given we expect responses within two weeks. After two
weeks will may close the pull request if it isn't showing any activity.
## Cutting a release
To cut a new release, from a current `master` checkout:
* Start the release branch with `git checkout -b release-prep`
* Update `lib/puppet-strings/version.rb` to the new version
* Update the CHANGELOG
* Have a [CHANGELOG_GITHUB_TOKEN]( set in your environment
* run `rake changelog`
* double check the PRs to make sure they're all tagged correctly (using the new CHANGELOG for cross-checking)
* Check README and other materials for up-to-date-ness
* Commit changes with title "Release prep for v\<VERSION>"
* Upload and PR the release-prep branch to the puppetlabs GitHub repo
* Check that CI is green and merge the PR
* Run `rake release[upstream]` to release from your checkout
* make sure to use the name of your git remote pointing to the puppetlabs GitHub repo
* Remove the release-prep branch
* Send the release announcements using the template in [misc/](misc/
# Additional Resources
* [More information on contributing](
require 'rubygems'
require 'bundler/gem_tasks'
require 'puppetlabs_spec_helper/rake_tasks'
require 'puppet-lint/tasks/puppet-lint'
Send out announcements for major new feature releases, and high-impact bugfixes to <>, <>, <>, <>, and the puppet internal mailing lists <> and <>.
Before sending, do check that all links are still valid. Feel free to adjust the text to match better with the circumstances of the release, or add other news that are relevant at the time. If you make changes, consider committing them here, for the benefit of future-you.
The github rendering of the markdown seems to copy&paste acceptably into Google Inbox.
The [CHANGELOG]( is a good starting point for finding enhancements and bug-fixes.
Subject: [ANN] Puppet Strings vX.Y.Z Release
Hi all,
We're pleased to announce that version X.Y.Z of the Puppet Strings is being released today.
Puppet Strings provides a simple way to extract source documentation into useful docs. It is provided as a Ruby gem to be referenced within modules. See the [README]( for documentation on how to install and use it.
The new release of Puppet Strings provides the following enhancements:
* A
* B
* C
The new release also contains the following notable bugfixes:
* D
* E
* F
See the [CHANGELOG]( for a full list of changes
We encourage all module developers to review puppet-strings and use it when creating modules.
Please let us know of your experiences with Puppet Strings, either here, on [Slack]( (#forge-modules), or on the [github repo](
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