1. 20 Apr, 2018 1 commit
  2. 16 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      (PDOC-159) server urls fix · e63f1c31
      Eric Putnam authored
      When using `puppet strings server`, resources with names containing '::' end up 404ing from the left bar. This is because strings namespaces these objects but YARD does not when building URLs.
      e.g. foo::bar's url should be /doc/foo/puppet_classes/foo/bar.html but
      ends up instead being doc/foo/puppet_classes/foo_3A_3A_bar.html because
      of YARD's url encoding. This is a monkey patch, courtesy @domcleal, that
      decodes the urls back so that they are namespaced correctly.
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      (PDOC-228) puppet plans support · da5cad7c
      Eric Putnam authored
      Currently, Puppet Strings only supports Puppet Tasks. Since Plans are
      sort of connected to Tasks, it seemed right that Strings should also
      support Plans. That and Plans are a thing that needs to be documented.
      First, the Puppet[:tasks] setting needs to be set to add the 'plan' keyword to the Puppet Parser's lexicon, so this sets it in the Strings parser if the setting exists. If it does not exist and Puppet.version is less than 5.0.0, Strings will error out.
      Second, processing for the Plans themselves is set up. Plans are very
      similar to other Puppet objects like defined types and classes, so this
      involved some serious copy-pasta.
      Third, all the template/to_hash scaffolding for the different outputs is in place (HTML,
      JSON, Markdown).
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      Merge pull request #167 from eputnam/pdoc36 · e37c8b70
      Hunter Haugen authored
      (PDOC-36) hack to fix README links in generated HTML
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      Merge pull request #166 from eputnam/pdoc192 · 414d124d
      Hunter Haugen authored
      (PDOC-192) remove warning for title/name
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      (PDOC-206) support for Puppet Tasks · 738275b9
      Eric Putnam authored
      Currently, puppet-strings does not know how to generate documentation
      for Puppet Tasks. This does all the work to add support for Tasks
      including a new JSON parser, a task handler, task statement, and task code
      object. Basically, Strings reads the JSON using the native ruby json
      parser and sends values through in a way it understands. It is only
      passing json key/value pairs through, nothing is happening with tags at
      this time. You can now document Tasks and generate HTML, Markdown, or
      JSON output.
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  17. 27 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      hold off on gcg · 567ee8aa
      Eric Putnam authored
      The version of github changelog generator we want to use requires a
      version of Ruby we can't yet guarantee. This reverts all the plumbing
      for gcg while still committing the changelog
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      release prep and gcg config · 6ffefc47
      Eric Putnam authored