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Update release notes for 0.6.0 release

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libvirt Sandbox News
0.6.0 - "Dashti Margo" - 2015-07-01
- API/ABI in-compatible change, soname increased
- Prevent use of virt-sandbox-service as non-root upfront
- Fix misc memory leaks
- Block SIGHUP from the dhclient binary to prevent
accidental death if the controlling terminal is
closed & reopened
- Add support for re-creating libvirt XML from sandbox
config to facilitate upgrades
- Switch to standard gobject introspection autoconf macros
- Add ability to set filters on network interfaces
- Search /usr/lib instead of /lib for systemd unit
files, as the former is the canonical location even
when / and /usr are merged
- Only set SELinux labels on hosts that support SELinux
- Explicitly link to selinux, instead of relying on
indirect linkage
- Update compiler warning flags
- Fix misc docs comments
- Don't assume use of SELinux in virt-sandbox-service
- Fix path checks for SUSUE in virt-sandbox-service
- Add support for AppArmour profiles
- Mount /var after other FS to ensure host image is
- Ensure state/config dirs can be accessed when QEMU
is running non-root for qemu:///system
- Fix mounting of host images in QEMU sandboxes
- Mount images as ext4 instead of ext3
- Allow use of non-raw disk images as filesystem
- Check if required static libs are available at configure
time to prevent silent fallback to shared linking
- Require libvirt-glib >= 0.2.1
- Add support for loading lzma and gzip compressed kmods
- Check for support libvirt URIs when starting guests
to ensure clear error message upfront
- Add LIBVIRT_SANDBOX_INIT_DEBUG env variable to allow
debugging of kernel boot messages and sandbox init
process setup
- Add support for exposing block devices to sandboxes
with a predictable name under /dev/disk/by-tag/TAGNAME
- Use devtmpfs instead of tmpfs for auto-populating
/dev in QEMU sandboxes
- Allow setup of sandbox with custom root filesystem
instead of inheriting from host's root.
- Allow execution of apps from non-matched
/, eg executing F19 binaries on F22 host
- Use passthrough mode for all QEMU filesystems
0.5.1 - "Cholistan" - 2013-11-18
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Africa
0.5.1 Cholistan – a desert in Pakistan
Dasht-i-Margo SW afganistani
0.6.0 Dashti Margo – a desert in SW Afghanistan
Gobi – a desert in Mongolia and China
Indus Valley Desert – a desert located in Pakistan
Kara Kum – a large Central Asian desert
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