Commit 4a55e794 authored by Guido Günther's avatar Guido Günther

remove files that we're added by the intial merge from ubuntu

parent acd75cd4
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<creator> (Hugh Brock)
Virtual Machine Manager Manual
<version identifier="0.0.1" date="2007-03-01" description="First Release"/>
<subject category="GNOME|Applications|System Tools"/>
This is the manual for the Virtual Machine Manager application.
<format mime="text/xml" dtd="-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"/>
<identifier url="file:/usr/share/gnome/help/virt-manager/C/virt-manager.xml"/>
<language code="C"/>
<relation seriesid="37dd0df4-cd98-11db-8f4f-fd6860e92e9b"/>
<rights type="GNU FDL" license.version="1.1" license="" holder="Red Hat Inc., and Hugh Brock"/>
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This diff is collapsed.
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;; -*- scheme -*-
; object definitions ...
(define-object CellRendererSparkline
(in-module "Gtk")
(parent "GtkCellRenderer")
(c-name "GtkCellRendererSparkline")
(define-object Sparkline
(in-module "Gtk")
(parent "GtkDrawingArea")
(c-name "GtkSparkline")
;; Enumerations and flags ...
;; From sparkline.h
(define-function gtk_sparkline_get_type
(c-name "gtk_sparkline_get_type")
(return-type "GType")
(define-function gtk_sparkline_new
(c-name "gtk_sparkline_new")
(is-constructor-of "GtkSparkline")
(return-type "GtkWidget*")
;; From cellrenderersparkline.h
(define-function gtk_cell_renderer_sparkline_get_type
(c-name "gtk_cell_renderer_sparkline_get_type")
(return-type "GType")
(define-function gtk_cell_renderer_sparkline_new
(c-name "gtk_cell_renderer_sparkline_new")
(is-constructor-of "GtkCellRendererSparkline")
(return-type "GtkCellRenderer*")
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