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Virtual Machine Manager Authors
Virtual Machine Manager is primarily developed and maintained by:
Cole Robinson <crobinso-at-redhat-dot-com>
Previous developers and maintainers:
Daniel Berrange <berrange-at-redhat-dot-com>
Hugh O. Brock <hbrock-at-redhat-dot-com>
Jeremy Katz <katzj-at-redhat-dot-com>
User interaction, interface design and artwork has been provided by:
Máirín Duffy <duffy-at-redhat-dot-com>
Jeremy Perry <jeperry-at-redhat-dot-com>
Further patches have been submitted by:
William Sheehan <william-dot-sheehan-at-openinterface-dot-com>
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora-at-leemhuis-dot-info>
Karel Zak <kzak-at-redhat-dot-com>
Damien Durand <splinux25-at-gmail-dot-com>
Charles Coffing <ccoffing-at-novell-dot-com>
Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland-at-ilande-dot-co-dot-uk>
Richard W.M. Jones <rjones-at-redhat-dot-com>
Takahashi Tomohiro <takatom-at-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Nobuhiro Itou <fj0873gn-at-aa-dot-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Takao Fujiwara <takao-dot-fujiwara-at-sun-dot-com>
Masayuki Sunou <fj1826dm-at-aa-dot-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
David Robinson <drobinso-at-redhat-dot-com>
Ville Skytta <ville-dot-skytta-at-iki-dot-fi>
Mark Johnson <johnson-dot-nh-at-gmail-dot-com>
Alexander Todorov <atodorov-at-redhat-dot-com>
Atsushi Sakai <sakaia-at-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Bernhard Kaindl <bk-at-suse-dot-de>
Eduardo Habkost <ehabkost-at-redhat-dot-com>
Andy Grover <andy-dot-grover-at-oracle-dot-com>
Dan Hork <dan-at-danny-dot-cz>
Henry Zhang <hua-dot-zhang-at-sun-dot-com>
Soren Hansen <soren-at-ubuntu-dot-com>
Shigeki Sagamoto <fj0588di-at-aa-dot-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Saori Fukuta <fukuta-dot-saori-at-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Adam Stokes <astokes-at-redhat-dot-com>
Jim Meyering <jim-at-meyering-dot-net>
Hiroyuki Kaguchi <fj7025cf-at-aa-dot-jp-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Paul Batkowski <pbatkowski-at-redhat-dot-com>
S. Çağlar Onur <caglar-at-pardus-dot-org-dot-tr>
Claes Strom <cs-at-clabbe-dot-com>
Mike MacCana <mmaccana-at-au1-dot-ibm-dot-com>
Guido Günther <agx-at-sigxcpu-dot-org>
Andrew Gillies <anaru-at-main-dot-com>
Richard Laager <rlaager-at-wiktel-dot-com>
James Ralston <ralston-at-pobox-dot-com>
Radek Hladik <radek-at-eadresa-dot-cz>
Michael Marineau (marineam-at-gentoo-dot-org)
Vitaly Mayatskikh <vmayatsk-at-redhat-dot-com>
Gerrit Slomma <roadrunner_gs-at-web-dot-de>
Dan Walsh <dwalsh-at-redhat-dot-com>
Emmanuel Lacour <elacour-at-home-dn-dot-net>
Laurent Léonard <laurent-at-open-minds-dot-org>
Michal Novotny <minovotn-at-redhat-dot-com>
Paul W. Frields <stickster-at-gmail-dot-com>
Fred Leeflang <fredl-at-dutchie-dot-org>
Jon Nordby <jononor-at-gmail-dot-com>
Ales Zelinka <>
Jan ONDREJ <ondrejj-at-salstar-dot-sk>
Marc Deslauriers <marc.deslauriers-at-ubuntu-dot-com>
Matthias Fulz <olz1983-at-googlemail-dot-com>
Niels de Vos <ndevos-at-redhat-dot-com>
Wen Congyang <wency-at-cn-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
Gerhard Stenzel <gerhard-dot-stenzel-at-de-dot-ibm-dot-com>
Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor-at-ukr-dot-net>
Miklos Vajna <vmiklos-at-frugalware-dot-org>
Lars Sjostrom <lars-at-radicore-dot-se>
Jim Fehlig <jfehlig-at-suse-dot-com>
Deepak C Shetty <deepakcs-at-linux-dot-vnet-dot-ibm-dot-com>
Brian J. Murrell <brian-at-interlinx-dot-bc-dot-ca>
Tuomas Jormola <tj-at-solitudo-dot-net>
Nathan Bird <nathan-at-acceleration-dot-net>
Guannan Ren <gren-at-redhat-dot-com>
Eduardo Elias Ferreira <edusf-at-linux-dot-vnet-dot-ibm-dot-com>
Joey Boggs <jboggs-at-redhat-dot-com>
Marcus Karlsson <>
Michal Privoznik <mprivozn-at-redhat-dot-com>
Martin Kletzander <mkletzan-at-redhat-dot-com>
ChenHanxiao <chenhanxiao-at-cn-dot-fujitsu-dot-com>
David Shane Holden <>
Dave Allan <>
John Doyle <>
<...send a patch & get your name here...>
Also lots of translations from the Transifex translation team. See
the individual .po files for the translators.
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Please see;a=shortlog
Or directly from a git checkout:
git clone git://
cd virt-manager
git log
virt-manager is tied very closely with both libvirt and virtinst. If building
virt-manager from source, it is recommended that you have at least the latest
libvirt release, and an upstream virtinst checkout.
We use glade-3 for building virt-manager's UI. It is recommended you have
a fairly recent version of glade-3: if a small UI change seems to rewrite the
entire glade file, you likely have a too old (or too new :) glade version.
Before submitting any patches, please run 'make check-pylint' to check for
basic syntax errors/warnings. This command requires the pylint and python-pep8
packages to be installed.
The following commands will be useful for anyone writing patches:
python test : Run local unit test suite
python pylint : Run a pylint script against the codebase
Any patches shouldn't change the output of 'test' or 'pylint'. The
'pylint' requires pylint and python-pep8 to be installed.
Our pylint script uses a blacklist rather than a whitelist approach,
so it could throw some false positives or useless messages. If you think
your patch exposes one of these, bring it up on the mailing list.
If 'python-coverage' is installed, you can run 'coverage -r' after 'test'
to see a code coverage report.
'test*' have a --debug option if you are hitting problems.
One useful way to manually test virt-manager's UI is using libvirt's
unit test driver. From the source directory, Launch virt-manager like:
virt-manager --connect test://$PWD/tests/testdriver.xml
This testdriver has many fake XML definitions that can be used to see
each bit of virt-manager's UI. It also enables testing the various wizards
without having to alter your host virt config.
Submitting patches
Patches should be developed against a git checkout and _not_ a source
release. The git repo is at
For an web view, see:
Patches should be sent to the mailing list (see README for details). Using
git format-patch/send-email is preferred, but an attachment with
format-patch output is fine too.
For translations, please sign up for and contribute to the
virt-manager project.
Basic Install
Basic Install
To build virt-manager, run the command:
For starters, if you just want to run virt-manager/virt-install to test out
changes, it can be done from the source directory:
./ && ./configure && make
You can then run virt-manager in the source directory with
To install the software into /usr/local (usually), you can do:
python src/
To install the software into /usr/local (usually), you can then run:
make install
python install
To build an RPM, you can run:
make rpm
virt-manager generally requires the latest upstream version of
python-virtinst, which checked out with
python rpm
git clone git:// generally has all the build and install commands, for more info see:
If you want to replace your system installed virt-manager version,
add --prefix=/usr to ./configure. Please see the INSTALL.autotools file
for much more information about install options.
python --help-commands
python install --help
# to be included/excluded from the tarball produced by sdist
include todo.txt
include .tx/config
include virt-*
recursive-include data *
recursive-include man *
recursive-include po *
recursive-include tests *
recursive-include ui *
recursive-include virtManager *
recursive-include virtcli *
recursive-include virtconv *
recursive-include virtinst *
global-exclude *.pyc
SUBDIRS = src icons man po tests
EXTRA_DIST = @PACKAGE@.spec HACKING COPYING-DOCS xmldocs.make omf.make \
DISTCLEAN_FILES = @PACKAGE@.spec intltool-extract intltool-merge intltool-update
rpm: clean
$(MAKE) dist && rpmbuild -ta $(distdir).tar.gz
srpm: clean
$(MAKE) dist && rpmbuild -ts $(distdir).tar.gz
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Virtual Machine Manager News
Release 0.10.0 (June 19, 2013)
- Merged code with python-virtinst. virtinst is no longer public
- Port from GTK2 to GTK3 (Daniel Berrange, Cole Robinson)
- Port from gconf to gsettings
- Port from autotools to python distutils
- Remove virt-manager-tui
- Remove HAL support
- IPv6 and static route virtual network support (Gene Czarcinski)
- virt-install: Add --cpu host-passthrough (Ken ICHIKAWA, Hu Tao)
Release 0.9.5 (April 01, 2013)
- Enable adding virtio-scsi disks (Chen Hanxiao)
Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: virt-manager
Version: 0.10.0
Summary: UNKNOWN
Author: Cole Robinson
License: GPLv2+
Description: UNKNOWN
Platform: UNKNOWN
Virtual Machine Manager
Virtual Machine Manager
This application provides a graphical tool for managing virtual machines
via the libvirt library.
The front end of the application uses the PyGTK / Glade libraries for
The front end of the application uses the GTK / Glade libraries for
all user interaction components. The back end uses libvirt for managing
Xen, QEMU & KVM virtual machines. The UI is primarily tested with Xen
and QEMU, but is intended to be portable to any virtualization backend
libvirt supports. So when libvirt is ported to UML / VMware / etc the
UI should not require any significant changes to deal with these drivers.
Qemu/KVM and Xen virtual machines, as well as LXC containers. The UI is
primarily tested with KVM, but is intended to be reasonably portable to any
virtualization backend libvirt supports.
In prose this app should be referred to as 'Virtual Machine Manager'.
For source / RPM packaging, & the command name, it is called by the
shortened form 'virt-manager'
Pre-requisite software
Pre-requisite software
virt-manager was ported to GTK3 at the beginning of 2013. Older GTK3
or pygobject3 versions likely will not work for running virt-manager.
Where versions are noted below these are the versions tested to definitely
work. For some of them you may be able to run with earlier releases, so
please report any success to the mailing lists
Earliest tested versions of major components:
python >= 2.4
pygtk2 >= 1.99.12-6
gnome-python2-gconf >= 1.99.11-7
libvirt-python >= 0.4.0
dbus-python >= 0.61
gnome-keyring >= 0.4.9
gnome-python-desktop >= 2.15.4
libxml2-python >= 2.6.23
vte >= 0.12.2
gtk-vnc >= 0.0.1
python-virtinst >= 0.300.0
PolicyKit >= 0.6
python >= 2.6
gtk3 >= 3.6
libvirt-python >= 0.4.0
pygobject3 >= 3.4
The latter is available from
A more detailed dependency list can be found in
All comments / suggestions / patches should be directed to the virt-tools-list
mailing list:
For IRC we use #virt on OFTC.
For bug reporting info, see:
There are further project details on the website:
Submitting patches
Patches should be submitted either as unified diffs:
tar zxvf virt-manager-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
cp -a virt-manager-X.Y.Z virt-manager-X.Y.Z-myfeature
cd virt-manager-X.Y.Z-myfeature
... make some changes ..
cd ..
diff -ruN virt-manager-X.Y.Z virt-manager-X.Y.Z-myfeature \
> myfeature.patch
Alternatively use git and submit a diff against the main source repository:
git clone git://
cd virt-manager
... make your changes ...
git commit -a -m "Some changelog message"
git show > my_feature.patch
Then mail the 'my_feature.patch' file to the list,
with [PATCH] and a brief description in the subject.
Using git format-patch and/or git send-email is also fine.
Related software
Links which are relevant:
Copyright / License
Unless otherwise noted, all the code for the Virtual Machine Manager
is covered under the GPL, and Copyright (C) Red Hat.
-- End of broadcast!
See the HACKING file for info about submitting patches or contributing
Virt Manager TODO list
Please see
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set -v
set -e
if [ -z "$AUTOBUILD_INSTALL_ROOT" ] ; then
echo "This script is only meant to be used with an autobuild server."
echo "Please see INSTALL for build instructions."
exit 1
rm -rf MANIFEST dist/*
# support version-id changes
python sdist
python build
python test
python install --root=$AUTOBUILD_INSTALL_ROOT
which /usr/bin/rpmbuild > /dev/null 2>&1 || exit 0
if [ -n "$AUTOBUILD_COUNTER" ]; then
NOW=`date +"%s"`
rpmbuild --nodeps --define "extra_release $EXTRA_RELEASE" -ta --clean dist/*.tar.gz
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AC_INIT(virt-manager, 0.9.5)
# Latest virtinst version required to run
dnl Make automake keep quiet about wildcards & other GNUmake-isms
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign -Wno-portability])
ALL_LINGUAS="as bg bn_IN bs ca cs da de es fi fr gu hi hr hu is it ja kn ko ml mr ms nb nl or pa pl pt_BR pt ro ru sr@latin sr sv ta te tr uk zh_CN zh_TW"