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Check for packages that encode a version number in their source package name.

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......@@ -180,3 +180,16 @@ Info: The specified Python-Version or Python3-Version field is used to
Please remove or update the reference. This warning should be ignored
if you wish to support "sloppy" backports.
Tag: source-package-encodes-python-version
Severity: normal
Certainty: certain
Info: This source package encodes a Python version in its name such
as <tt>python2-foo</tt> or <tt>python3-bar</tt>.
This could result in a misleading future situation where this source
package supports multiple versions as well unnecessary given that the
binary package names will typically encode the supported versions.
Please override this tag with a suitably-commented override if
there is no single upstream codebase that supports both versions.
......@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@ sub _run_source {
tag 'source-package-encodes-python-version'
if $info->name =~ m/^python\d-/;
......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ lintian (2.5.111) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* checks/menu-format.desc:
+ [CL] Apply a patch from Salvatore Bonaccorso to fix a typo in the
description for the desktop-entry-lacks-icon-entry tag. (MR: !59)
* checks/python.{desc,pm}:
+ [CL] Check for packages that encode a version number in their
source package name.
* checks/scripts.desc:
+ [CL] Warn about packages that use PIUPARTS_TEST (etc.) in their
maintainer scripts. Thanks to Holger Levsen. (Closes: #912040)
Testname: python-source-package-encodes-python-version
Source: python3-foo
Version: 1.0
Description: Check packages that encode their Python version in their name
I: python3-foo: wrong-section-according-to-package-name python3-foo => python
W: python3-foo source: source-package-encodes-python-version
  • won't this match src:python3-defaults ?

    I think you should at least add a that to an internal lintian whitelist.

  • Good shout. 697615d7

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