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Check that a package that ships a /etc/sv/foo directory then /etc/sv/foo/run...

Check that a package that ships a /etc/sv/foo directory then /etc/sv/foo/run exists and is executable. (Closes: #931426)
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......@@ -406,3 +406,14 @@ Info: The specified file under <tt>/etc/default/</tt> includes a line
via <tt>dh_installinit --no-enable</tt> or move to automatically
starting it.
Ref: policy, update-rc.d(8), dh_installinit(1)
Tag: directory-in-etc-sv-directory-without-executable-run-script
Severity: important
Certainty: possible
Info: This package provides the specified directory under
<tt>/etc/sv</tt> but it does not ship a <tt>run</tt> script under this
Please check that you are installing your <tt>run</tt> script to the
right location and that has the correct executable permissions.
Refs: dh_runit(1)
......@@ -516,6 +516,14 @@ sub check_missing_script {
tag 'package-supports-alternative-init-but-no-init.d-script',$file
unless $info->index_resolved_path("etc/init.d/${service}");
if ($file =~ m,etc/sv/([^/]+)/$,) {
my $service = $1;
my $file = $info->index_resolved_path("etc/sv/${service}/run");
tag 'directory-in-etc-sv-directory-without-executable-run-script',
if not $file or not $file->is_executable;
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