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    • Felix Lechner's avatar
      Static labs are obsolete; all labs are temporary from now on. · a906ce43
      Felix Lechner authored
      Temporary labs are the new default. Static labs have not been used for
      some time in the reporting framework. They are obsolete.
      Adjusts or removes many, and hopefully all, references to static labs.
      Removes function arguments, subroutines and instance methods related.
      Removes environment variables and constants.  Adjust the documentation
      Also removes 'frontend/lintian-lab-tool'. Does not remove lab queries.
      Temporary labs can still be kept after a Lintian run by specifying the
      command line option '--keep-lab'.
  17. 12 Mar, 2019 2 commits
    • Felix Lechner's avatar
      For stretch-backports, also Build-Depend on XS version of Text::CSV in... · 144f2da8
      Felix Lechner authored
      For stretch-backports, also Build-Depend on XS version of Text::CSV in addition to the pure Perl version.
      For some time, Jenkins has produced CI failures for stretch-backports.
      This should fix it.
      Text::CSV comes with two backends. One is XS; the other pure Perl. The
      XS version is enabled by default but packaged separately. As a
      recommended package, the XS version is not automatically installed by
      the default resolver on Jenkins (presumably sbuilds's default apt),
      but is installed when manually using sbuild with the option
      '--build-dep-resolver=aptitude' (which was required for the backport
      repo to work). The issue was hard to reproduce.
      The error occurs because, for the version in stretch-backports
      (1.33-2), the two backends behave differently.
      The pure Perl implementation does not allow an 'escape_char' before a
      field separator. It triggers the error messsage "EUF" seen in the logs
      (internal code 4004).  (As a side note, the 'escape_char' seemed
      primarily intended to escape the 'quote_char', and not the field
      Modern versions of the module no longer use the EUF error message or
      the 4004 code.  More significantly, the Perl version currently in
      testing (1.99-1) is not so affected.
    • Felix Lechner's avatar
      In autopkgtest, allow output to stderr to shorten waiting period for uploads. · 21ab8244
      Felix Lechner authored
      Uploads are subject to a ten-day waiting period because autopkgtest
      fails. The flagged test, added recently, passes but announces tags not
      covered in tests to stderr.  Autopkgtest considers stray output a
      failure.  Modifies the autopkgtest config to allow such output.
      This should reduce the waiting period.
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    • Felix Lechner's avatar
      Add build-deps for PE32/PE32+ binary related tests. · 2abff22c
      Felix Lechner authored
      Two new tests for the previously untested tag
      'portable-executable-missing-security-features' require some
      MinGW-related packages. Adds the required build-dependencies to
      The dependencies are marked <!nocheck>. They are available in
      Tests are disabled when their dependencies are unavailable. Missing
      test dependencies will generally not affect package building on less
      common architectures.
      Gbp-Dch: ignore
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    • Felix Lechner's avatar
      Adjust autopkgtest command for new runtests options. · ca563f79
      Felix Lechner authored
      Bypasses debian/rules and calls t/bin/runtests directly. This is to
      avoid make interpreting the --onlyrun option as an option to itself.
      A double dash in between may be a possibility but did not work right
      away. Simply calls runtests with the proper arguments.
      Gbp-Dch: ignore