Commit 4ec4294d authored by Russell Stuart's avatar Russell Stuart Committed by Evgeni Golov

default the host in fetch urls to be ROOTSERVER if it is blank

Reason: this would mean I don't have to customise live.cfg for each
server I deploy it on (because the tftp server also serves the root


     append fetch=tftp:///path/file.ext

doesn't work now, but after the patch this would be
assumed since the host is blank:

     append fetch=tftp://${ROOTSERVER}/path/file.ext

Closes: #800498
parent f5716f9a
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ do_httpmount ()
mount -t ramfs ram "${mountpoint}"
mkdir -p "${dest}"
case "${url}" in
*:///*) url="${url%%:///*}://${ROOTSERVER}/${url##*:///}" ;;
if [ "${webfile}" = "FETCH" ]
case "$url" in
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