Commit d1d4af9b authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers Committed by Daniel Baumann

Patch by Steven Shiau <>. The only changes so far are:

 * drop the parts of the patch that are not relevant to live-boot 5.x
 * adapt formatting to match Debian Live coding standards
parent 8bb7633a
......@@ -1318,7 +1318,19 @@ do_union ()
panic "overlay needs at least one lower filesystem (read-only branch)."
unionmountopts="-o noatime,lowerdir=${unionro},upperdir=${unionrw}"
mount -t ${UNIONTYPE} ${unionmountopts} ${UNIONTYPE} "${unionmountpoint}"
if ! mount -t ${UNIONTYPE} ${unionmountopts} ${UNIONTYPE} "${unionmountpoint}" 2>/dev/null
# Ref: kiwi from OpenSuse kiwi-7.02.18-1.1
# overlayfs in version >= v22 behaves differently
# + renamed from overlayfs to overlay
# + requires a workdir to become mounted
# + requires workdir and upperdir to reside under the same mount
# + requires workdir and upperdir to be in separate subdirs
mkdir ${unionrw}/rw
mkdir ${unionrw}/work
unionmountopts="-o noatime,lowerdir=${unionro},upperdir=${unionrw}/rw,workdir=${unionrw}/work"
mount -t ${UNIONTYPE} ${unionmountopts} ${UNIONTYPE} "${unionmountpoint}"
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