Commit d73c5d56 authored by Kristian Klausen's avatar Kristian Klausen

Check /etc/live/boot.conf exist before trying copy

Last commit (b98d289f) wasn't tested properly.
If /etc/live/boot.conf didn't existed initramfs generating would fail,
now we test if it exist. We don't need to test if /etc/live/boot exist,
as it is created by live-boot.postinst.
parent b98d289f
......@@ -34,7 +34,11 @@ mkdir -p "${DESTDIR}/lib/live"
cp -a /lib/live/boot "${DESTDIR}/lib/live"
mkdir -p "${DESTDIR}/etc/live"
cp -a /etc/live/boot.conf /etc/live/boot "${DESTDIR}/etc/live"
if [ -e /etc/live/boot.conf ]
cp -a /etc/live/boot.conf "${DESTDIR}/etc/live"
cp -a /etc/live/boot "${DESTDIR}/etc/live"
# klibc dependencies
for FILE in /lib/libacl* /lib/libblkid* /lib/libuuid* /lib/libdevmapper* /lib/libattr*
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