Commit db25153a authored by Gaudenz Steinlin's avatar Gaudenz Steinlin Committed by Daniel Baumann

Modprobe filesystem modules before checking support.

This bug was accidentially introduced in commit ec9bd07c which removed
unionfs-fuse support.
parent 73d837ab
......@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@ setup_unionfs ()
modprobe -q -b ${UNIONTYPE}
if ! cut -f2 /proc/filesystems | grep -q "^${UNIONTYPE}\$"
panic "${UNIONTYPE} not available."
modprobe -q -b ${UNIONTYPE}
# run-init can't deal with images in a subdir, but we're going to
# move all of these away before it runs anyway. No, we're not,
# put them in / since move-mounting them into / breaks mono and
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