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    Revert toram bootoption to expected behaviour. · ac5eb22c
    Michael Prokop authored
    In commit 36bb11382c81d5bce4b69f6d3d618dfd1c38dffb
    of live-initramfs-grml (when merging Debian's version 1.157.4-1)
    the behaviour of toram bootoption was modified, see
    On Grml we want to have the option to load the whole medium
    into RAM to e.g. have additional directories like /deb,
    /scripts or whatever. This is possible using the toram bootoption
    without any additional arguments.
    If you do NOT want to load the whole medium to RAM just
    boot using toram=grml.squashfs (or whatever it's named,
    there's a ready-to-use bootoption in Grml's bootsplash
    menu available) instead.
    Ammusingly the requested behaviour is available in Debian's
    live-boot if rsync is not available, so this patch
    actually just unifies the code paths and reverts the
    behaviour change back to what the log message says.
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