Commit 3227d349 authored by Matthijs Kooijman's avatar Matthijs Kooijman

Remove --templates from lb_config manpage

This option was removed in commit 7e633e77 (Moving grub and grub2
templates into shared bootloader config directory.), but the
documentation stayed around.
parent bd7c900d
......@@ -462,8 +462,6 @@ defines the path to a swap file to create in the binary image. Default is not to
defines what size in megabytes the swap file should be, if one is to be created. Default is 512MB.
.IP "\fB\-\-tasksel\fR apt|aptitude|tasksel" 4
selects which program is used to install tasks. By default, this is set to tasksel.
.IP "\fB\-\-templates\fR \fIPATH\fR" 4
sets the path to the templates that live\-build is going to use, e.g. for bootloaders. By default, this is set to /usr/share/live/build/templates/.
.IP "\fB\-\-uefi\-secure\-boot\fR \fIauto|enable|disable\fR" 4
enables or disables Secure Boot support when using grub-efi, by installing signed shim and grub-efi packages. By default, this is set to auto, which means if the packages are available they will be installed, but if not only a warning will be printed and the normal non-signed grub-efi will be used.
.IP "\fB\-\-hdd\-size\fR MB" 4
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