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    ldm-themes (12.07.1) unstable; urgency=low
      [ Jonathan Carter ]
      * Remove all alternatives (Closes: #679208).
      * Replace murrine gtk theme with mist in greeter-gtkrc.
      * Replace recommends on gtk2-engines-murrine with gtk2-engines, as it is
        already used in ldm, and doesn't pull in extraneous Recommends.
      * Fix typos in package description.
      * My first upload at a Debconf! :D
      [ Vagrant Cascadian ]
      * Remove spacefun theme, as it was never shipped with squeeze.
      * Remove unnecessary .png files that are already shipped with ldm.
      * Update debian/copyright to reflect switch to Joy theme.
      * Finish switching to Joy theme (Closes: #678474).
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