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  5. 25 Aug, 2013 2 commits
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      maint: maintain API backwards compatibility with legacy C implementation. · 2603ef65
      Gary V. Vaughan authored
      Make sure the old lyaml.load and lyaml.dump APIs work by switching
      the naming of the C and lua parts of the new implementation.
      * ext/lyaml: Rename from this...
      * ext/yaml: ...to this.
      * ext/lyaml/lyaml.c: Rename from this...
      * ext/lyaml/yaml.c: ...to this.
      * lib/yaml.lua: Rename from this...
      * lib/lyaml.lua: ...to this.
      * specs/ext_lyaml_emitter_spec.yaml,
      specs/ext_lyaml_scanner_spec.yaml, specs/lib_yaml_spec.yaml:
      Rename from these...
      * specs/ext_yaml_emitter_spec.yaml,
      specs/ext_yaml_scanner_spec.yaml, specs/lib_lyaml_spec.yaml:
      ...to these.
      * local.mk, specs/specs.mk, specs/spec_helper.lua: Adjust.
      * NEWS: Remove all the incompatibility warnings, and adjust.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarGary V. Vaughan <gary@gnu.org>
    • Gary V. Vaughan's avatar
      dump: replace C implementation with simpler Lua dump. · 84dce391
      Gary V. Vaughan authored
      * specs/ext_lyaml_emitter_spec.yaml: Specify low level libYAML
      emitter binding.
      * specs/spec_helper.lua (emitevents, emit): New helper functions.
      * specs/specs.mk (specl_SPECS): Add
      * ext/lyaml/lyaml.h: Factor common macros and headers into this
      single file.
      * ext/lyaml/parser.c, ext/lyaml/scanner.c: Adjust accordingly.
      * ext/lyaml/lyaml.c (lua_yaml_dumper, dump_node, dump_scalar)
      (get_yaml_anchor, dump_table, dump_array, figure_table_type)
      (dump_null, dump_node, dump_document, append_output)
      (find_references, Pdump): Remove.
      * ext/lyaml/emitter.c: New file, implementing libYAML emitter
      * lib/lyaml.lua (M.dump): Reimplement dumper in Lua.
      * local.mk (ext_lyaml_lyaml_la_SOURCES): Add ext/lyaml/emitter.c.
      (EXTRA_DIST): Add ext/lyaml/lyaml.h.
      * NEWS: Update.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarGary V. Vaughan <gary@gnu.org>
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  8. 25 Jul, 2013 1 commit
    • Gary V. Vaughan's avatar
      lyaml: bind lyaml.parser to lyaml_parser_parse. · 681ee143
      Gary V. Vaughan authored
      * configure.ac: Require Specl.
      (SPECL_MIN): Require at least release 8 of Specl.
      * specs/parser_spec.yaml: Specify behaviour of new parser API.
      * specs/spec_helper.lua: New file. Specl helper functions.
      * specs/specs.mk: New file. Run specl checks, and distribute
      spec files.
      * local.mk: Include it.
      (lyaml_cpath): Factored out of MKROCKSPECS_ENV.
      * parser.c (Pparser): New file. Implement event iterator.
      * lyaml.c: Include it.
      (R): Add Pparser.
      (luaopen_lyaml): Set up _gc metatable for iterator to clean
      up iterator memory.
      * local.mk (EXTRA_DIST): Add parser.c.
      * NEWS: Update.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarGary V. Vaughan <gary@gnu.org>