Commit 0bd567ba authored by Alf Gaida's avatar Alf Gaida

New snapshot: 2018.01.07~2018.01.06-18-ga109778-1

parent 48025854
......@@ -485,15 +485,11 @@ void ControlBox::aboutCMST()
"<center>Copyright c %4<center>by"
"<center>Andrew J. Bibb"
"<center>Vermont, USA"
"<center>Brett Dutro"
"<center>Adam Fontenot"
"<center>Lester Bico"
"<center>Yaohan Chen"
"<center>Jianfeng Zhang (Chinese)"
"<center>sqozz (German)"
"<center>Ilya Shestopalov (Russian)"
"<center>Micrococo (Spanish)"
"<br><center><b>Build Information:</b>"
"<center>Compiled using QT version %5"
/*"<center>Built %6 - %7"*/) .arg(TranslateStrings::cmtr("cmst"))
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
///////////////////////////////// Program Values ///////////////////////
// Program Info (may be visible, but don't mark for tranalation)
#define VERSION "2018.06.04-1"
#define VERSION "2018.12.30-1"
#define RELEASE_DATE "6 January 2018"
#define COPYRIGHT_DATE "2013-2018"
cmst (2018.01.07~2018.01.06-18-ga109778-1) experimental-snapshots; urgency=medium
* New snapshot: cmst-2018.01.06-18-ga109778
-- Alf Gaida <> Mon, 31 Dec 2018 16:09:03 +0100
cmst (2018.01.07~2018.01.06-15-g89e2465-1) experimental-snapshots; urgency=medium
* New snapshot: cmst-2018.01.06-15-g89e2465
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
<li>Revert network group to "netdev" in Slackware and Debian.</li>
<li>Pull request #183 (fixed typo in notification icon name).</li>
<li>Pull request #184 (correct dialog size on high DPI monitors).</li>
<li>PUll request #197 (add Spanish translation).</li>
<li>Fixed #188 missing README in tarball</li>
<b> 2018.01.06</b>
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