Commit 46194a55 authored by Alf Gaida's avatar Alf Gaida

manpage patch removed - fixed upstream

parent cc7aef97
Description: manpage compression is handled by dh
Author: Alf Gaida <>
--- a/apps/cmstapp/
+++ b/apps/cmstapp/
@@ -18,9 +18,8 @@
INSTALLS += target
documentation.path = $$CMST_DOC_PATH/man1
-documentation.files = ../../misc/manpage/cmst.1.gz
+documentation.files = ../../misc/manpage/cmst.1
documentation.CONFIG = no_check_exist
-documentation.extra = gzip --force ../../misc/manpage/cmst.1
INSTALLS += documentation
desktop.path = /usr/share/applications
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