Commit 78125424 authored by Alf Gaida's avatar Alf Gaida

some cleanup before new release

parent e8c83105
somethings are wrong with the latest upstream release, so i had to
repack the tarball. Unfortunately the release tag was false set so
it was easier to repack the tarball
* included binaries cmst and cmstroothelper deleted
* included object and moc directories deleted
* *.qm Files deleted
Alf Gaida <> Fr., 29.jan. 2016
Upstream-Name: cmst
Files: *
Copyright: 2013-2016, Andrew J. Bibb <>
Copyright: 2013-2017, Andrew J. Bibb <>
License: Expat
Files: debian/*
Copyright: 2015-2016 Alf Gaida <>
Copyright: 2015-2017 Alf Gaida <>
2014-2015 Unit 193 <>
2015 ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) <>
License: Expat
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