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    Cherry-picked new upstream release 3.4.1. · 09ef69d3
    Alf Gaida authored
    Move to unstable (Closes: #823947)
      And no - we will not include the plugins in the current state, no way
    Introduced nomacs-l10n and added to Recommends
    nomacs-l10n replaces nomacs (Closes: #836858)
      Thanks Andreas Beckmann <anbe@debian.org>
    Bumped compat to 10
    Bumped build dependency debhelper (>= 10)
    Fixed symbols
    Fixed source.lintian-overrides
    Introduced new packages:
    Added Replaces for libnomacs3
    Added Breaks and Replaces for libnomacs-dev
    Removed quazip and libwebp from 3rd party
    Fixed copyright that way
    Improved rules
    Bumped years in copyright
    Added hardening=+all
    Deleted useless manpage
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