Commit f530ddc4 authored by Saif Abdul Cassim's avatar Saif Abdul Cassim

made intellijSdkRepo not an extenson function so that it works with groovy build.gradle

parent f55f873f
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ import
private fun Project.intellijRepoDir() = File("${project.rootDir.absoluteFile}/buildSrc/prepare-deps/intellij-sdk/build/repo")
fun RepositoryHandler.intellijSdkRepo(project: Project): IvyArtifactRepository = ivy {
fun intellijSdkRepo(repositoryHandler:RepositoryHandler,project: Project): IvyArtifactRepository = repositoryHandler.ivy {
val baseDir = project.intellijRepoDir()
val intellijEnforceCommunitySdk = project.getBooleanProperty("intellijEnforceCommunitySdk") == true
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