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# Copyright information

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The translations of manpages are licensed under the
GNU General Public License version 3, or (at your option)
any later version. Please see the file LICENSE for
the complete text of the license.

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These translations have been contributed by many different
people, see the file AUTHORS for a complete list.

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In order to create a translated manpage from the english
original manpage, this package will download a Debian
package which contains the english original manpage and
afterwards generate the translation.

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Please note that those original manpages are distributed
under a variety of copyright licenses.  Although these
licenses permit free distribution of those manpages,
commercial distribution may impose other requirements
(e.g., acknowledgement of copyright or inclusion of the
raw nroff sources with the commercial distribution).

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If you distribute the translated manpages commercially,
it is your responsibility to figure out your obligations.
For many manpages, these obligations require you to
distribute nroff sources with any pre-formatted manpages
that you provide. Each file that contains nroff source
for a manpage also contains the author(s) name, email
address, and copyright notice.