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......@@ -223,6 +223,7 @@ specify multiple maps, put only a comma between the maps.
\fBcolor\fP \fIobject\fP \fIforeground\fP \fIbackground\fP [ \fIregexp\fP ]
\fBcolor\fP index \fIforeground\fP \fIbackground\fP [ \fIpattern\fP ]
\fBcolor\fP compose \fIcomposeobject\fP \fIforeground\fP \fIbackground\fP
\fBuncolor\fP index \fIpattern\fP [ \fIpattern\fP ... ]
......@@ -243,6 +244,10 @@ objects allow you to restrict the colorization to a regular
expression. The \fBindex\fP object permits you to select colored
messages by pattern.
Valid composeobjects include
.BR header ", " security_encrypt ", " security_sign ", "
.BR security_both ", " security_none .
Valid colors include:
.BR white ", " black ", " green ", " magenta ", " blue ", "
.BR cyan ", " yellow ", " red ", " default ", " color\fIN\fP .
......@@ -361,6 +366,16 @@ You may use multiple
\fBcrypt-hook\fPs with the same \fIregexp\fP; multiple matching
\fBcrypt-hook\fPs result in the use of multiple \fIkey-id\fPs for
a recipient.
\fBindex-format-hook\fP \fIname\fP [\fB!\fP]\fIpattern\fP \fIformat-string\fP
This command is used to inject format strings dynamically into
$index_format based on pattern matching against the current message.
The $index_format expando \fI%@name@\fP specifies a placeholder for
the injection. Index-format-hooks with the same \fIname\fP are matched
using \fIpattern\fP against the current message. Matching is done in
the order specified in the .muttrc, with the first match being
used. The hook's \fIformat-string\fP is then substituted and evaluated.
\fBopen-hook\fP \fIregexp\fP "\fIcommand\fP"
......@@ -464,6 +479,11 @@ These commands allow the user to modify the list of allowed header
fields in a \fImailto:\fP URL that Mutt will include in the
the generated message. By default the list contains only
\fBsubject\fP and \fBbody\fP, as specified by RFC2368.
\fBecho\fP \fImessage\fP
Prints \fImessage\fP to the message window. After printing the
message, echo will pause for the number of seconds specified by
In various places with mutt, including some of the above mentioned
......@@ -734,8 +754,11 @@ followed by a positive number, followed by one of the unit
.BR y ,
.BR m ,
.BR w ", or"
.BR d .
.BR w ,
.BR d ,
.BR H ,
.BR M ", or"
.BR S .
.B >
matches dates which are older than the specified amount of time, an
offset which begins with the character
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