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    Move plugins to $ARCH/*/mariadb18 to meet multiarch needs (Closes: #739452) · 5aecef81
    Otto Kekäläinen authored
    Previously all plugins were installed to usr/lib/mysql/plugin, including
    the plugins in the client library package, which inhibited installing
    other architecture versions of the same package on the same system,
    which is expected to work in multiarch situations.
    As client plugins alone cannot change directory with current build options,
    and moving the server plugins too does not have any negative effects,
    move all plugins to a multiarch directory.
    Using the ABI version in the path also makes it possible to install
    multiple versions of the shared library side-by-side as is normally
    facilitated by the soname .so.18 naming scheme, which the client
    plugins did not follow.
    See also discussion at https://bugs.debian.org/842454
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