Commit f4f51218 authored by sten's avatar sten

add OBS support

parent 7a426664
......@@ -29,9 +29,19 @@ dpkg-buildpackage -S
cd ${RELEASE}/debian
rm -rf ladvd-*
# create osc repository
osc checkout home:sten-blinkenlights ladvd
mv home\:sten-blinkenlights/ladvd osc
cp *.tar.gz osc
cp ../rpm/* osc
cp debian/* osc
# return to the root
cd ${BASE}
echo for ubuntu uploads run:
echo "cd ${RELEASE}/debian && dput my-ppa ladvd_*_source.changes"
echo for OpenSuSE BuildService uploads run:
echo "cd ${RELEASE}/osc && osc commit"
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