Commit 86ee06e1 authored by Marco d'Itri's avatar Marco d'Itri

Update README.source

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mkdir openbsd-inetd
cd openbsd-inetd
# how to import a new upstream snapshot:
mkdir TEMP
cvs -d co .
rm -rf CVS
VERSION="$(head -1 ChangeLog | sed -re 's/-//g; s/ .*//; s/^/0./')"
cd ..
mv openbsd-inetd openbsd-inetd-0...
mv openbsd-inetd-0.* openbsd-inetd-$VERSION
cd openbsd-inetd-$VERSION
git checkout upstream
mv ../TEMP/* .
git add .
git commit -m "Imported Upstream version $VERSION"
git tag -s -m "Upstream version $VERSION" v$VERSION"
cd ..
tar cJvvf openbsd-inetd_$VERSION.orig.tar.xz openbsd-inetd-$VERSION/ \
--exclude=.git --exclude=.pc
cd openbsd-inetd-$VERSION
git checkout master
git merge -m "Merge upstream release v$VERSION"
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