Commit 8ade579b authored by Martin Uecker's avatar Martin Uecker

look locker post-processing

parent a201218d
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ TFLP=scale invert conj fmac saxpy sdot spow cpyphs creal carg normalize cdf97 pa
TNUM=fft fftmod fftshift noise bench threshold conv rss filter mandelbrot wavelet window var std fftrot
TRECO=pics pocsense sqpics itsense nlinv moba nufft rof tgv sake wave lrmatrix estdims estshift estdelay wavepsf wshfl
TCALIB=ecalib ecaltwo caldir walsh cc ccapply calmat svd estvar whiten
TMRI=homodyne poisson twixread fakeksp
TMRI=homodyne poisson twixread fakeksp looklocker
TSIM=phantom traj
/* Copyright 2019. Martin Uecker.
* All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by
* a BSD-style license which can be found in the LICENSE file.
* Authors:
* 2019 Martin Uecker <>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <complex.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "num/multind.h"
#include "num/flpmath.h"
#include "num/init.h"
#include "misc/mmio.h"
#include "misc/misc.h"
#include "misc/opts.h"
#include "misc/mri.h"
#ifndef DIMS
#define DIMS 16
static const char usage_str[] = "<input> <output>";
static const char help_str[] = "Compute T1 map from M_0, M_ss, and R_1*.\n";
int main_looklocker(int argc, char* argv[argc])
float threshold = 0.2;
float scaling_M0 = 2.0;
float Td = 0.;
const struct opt_s opts[] = {
OPT_FLOAT('t', &threshold, "threshold", "Pixels with M0 values smaller than {threshold} are set to zero."),
OPT_FLOAT('D', &Td, "delay", "Time between the middle of inversion pulse and the first excitation."),
cmdline(&argc, argv, 2, 3, usage_str, help_str, ARRAY_SIZE(opts), opts);
long idims[DIMS];
complex float* in_data = load_cfl(argv[1], DIMS, idims);
long odims[DIMS];
md_select_dims(DIMS, ~COEFF_FLAG, odims, idims);
complex float* out_data = create_cfl(argv[2], DIMS, odims);
long istrs[DIMS];
md_calc_strides(DIMS, istrs, idims, CFL_SIZE);
long ostrs[DIMS];
md_calc_strides(DIMS, ostrs, odims, CFL_SIZE);
long pos[DIMS] = { 0 };
do {
complex float Ms = MD_ACCESS(DIMS, istrs, (pos[COEFF_DIM] = 0, pos), in_data);
complex float M0 = MD_ACCESS(DIMS, istrs, (pos[COEFF_DIM] = 1, pos), in_data);
complex float R1s = MD_ACCESS(DIMS, istrs, (pos[COEFF_DIM] = 2, pos), in_data);
float T1 = scaling_M0 * cabs(M0) / (cabs(Ms) * cabs(R1s)) + 2. * Td;
if (safe_isnanf(T1) || (cabs(Ms) < threshold))
T1 = 0.;
MD_ACCESS(DIMS, ostrs, (pos[COEFF_DIM] = 0, pos), out_data) = T1;
} while(md_next(DIMS, odims, ~COEFF_FLAG, pos));
unmap_cfl(DIMS, idims, in_data);
unmap_cfl(DIMS, odims, out_data);
return 0;
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