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(an incomplete list of papers using BART...)
Hollingsworth KG, Higgins DM, McCallum M, Ward L, Coombs A, Straub V.
Investigating the quantitative fidelity of prospectively undersampled
chemical shift imaging in muscular dystrophy with compressed sensing
and parallel imaging reconstruction.
Magn Reson Med 2014; 72:1610-1619.
Zhang T, Cheng JY, Potnick AG, Barth RA, Alley MT, Uecker M, Lustig M,
Pauly JM, Vasanawala SS.
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with a High Spatiotemporal Resolution,
J Magn Reson Imaging 2015; 41:460-473.
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Magn Reson Med 2015; 74:614-621.
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Lustig M, Vasanawala SS.
Free-Breathing Pediatric MRI with Nonrigid Motion Correction and Acceleration,
J Magn Reson Imaging 2015; 42:407-420.
Athalye V, Lustig M, Uecker M.
Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging as Approximation in a
Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space,
Inverse Problems 2015; 31:045008.
Mann LW, Higgins DM, Peters CN, Cassidy S, Hodson KK, Coombs A,
Taylor R, Hollingsworth KG.
Accelerating MR Imaging Liver Steatosis Measurement Using Combined
Compressed Sensing and Parallel Imaging: A Quantitative Evaluation,
Radiology 2016; 278:245-256.
Cheng JY, Hanneman K, Zhang T, Alley MT, Lai P, Tamir JI, Uecker M,
Pauly JM, Lustig M, Vasanawala SS.
Comprehensive Motion-Compensated Highly-Accelerated 4D Flow MRI with
Ferumoxytol Enhancement for Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease.
J Magn Reson Imaging 2016; 43:1355-1368.
Tamir JI, Uecker M, Chen W, Lai P, Aleey MT, Vasanawala SS, Lustig M.
T2-Shuffling: Sharp, Multi-Contrast, Volumetric Fast Spin-Echo Imaging.
Magn Recon Med 2017; 77:180-195.
Uecker M, Lustig M.
Estimating Absolute-Phase Maps Using ESPIRiT and Virtual Conjugate Coils.
Magn Reson Med 2017; 77:1201-1207.
Cheng JY, Zhang T, Alley MT, Uecker M, Lustig M, Pauly JM, Vasanawala SS.
Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional MRI for the Simultaneous Assessment
of Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology.
Scientific Reports 2017; 7:5330.
Bao S, Tamir JI, Young JL, Tariq U, Uecker M, Lai P, Chen W, Lustig M,
Vasanawala SS.
Fast comprehensive single-sequence four-dimensional pediatric knee MRI with
T2 shuffling.
J Magn Reson Imaging 2017; 45:1700-1711.
Mazzoli V, Schoormans J, Froeling M, Sprengers AM, Coolen BF, Verdonschot N,
Strijkers GJ, Nederveen AJ.
Accelerated 4D self‐gated MRI of tibiofemoral kinematics.
NMR in Biomed 2017; 30:e3791.
Moghari MH, Uecker M, Roujol S, Sabbagh M, Geva T, Powell AJ.
Accelerated Whole-heart Magnetic Resonance Angiography Using
a Variable-Density Poisson-Disc Undersampling Pattern and
Compressed Sensing Reconstruction.
Magn Reson Med 2018; 79:761-769.
Peper ES, Strijkers GJ, Gazzola K, Potters WV, Motaal AG, Luirink IK, Hutten BA,
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sensing accelerated high temporal resolution 2D CINE PC MRI.
J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2018; 20:1-12.
Mazzoli V, Gottwald LM, Peper ES, Froeling M, Coolen BF, Verdonschot N,
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Accelerated 4D phase contrast MRI in skeletal muscles contraction.
Magn Reson Med 2018; 80:1799-1811.
Rosenzweig S, Holme HCM, Wilke RN, Voit D, Frahm J, Uecker M.
Simultaneous Multi-Slice Reconstruction Using Regularized Nonlinear Inversion:
Magn Reson Med 2018; 79:2057-2066.
Sanders J, Song H, Frank S, Bathala T, Venkatesan A, Anscher M, Tang C, Bruno T,
Wei W, Ma J.
Parallel imaging compressed sensing for accelerated imaging and improved SNR in
MRI-based prostate brachytherapy post-implant dosimetry.
Brachytherapy 2018; 17:816-824.
Roeloffs V, Rosenzweig S, Holme HCM, Uecker M, Frahm J.
Frequency-modulated SSFP with radial sampling and subspace reconstruction:
A time-efficient alternative to phase-cycled bSSFP.
Magn Reson Med 2019; 81:1566-1579.
de Jonge CS, Coolen BF, Peper ES, Motaal AG, Nio CY, Somers I, Strijkers GJ,
Stoker J, Nederveen AJ.
Evaluation of compressed sensing MRI for accelerated bowel motility imaging.
European Radiology Experimental 2019; 3:1-12.
Walheim J, Dillinger H, Kozerke.
Multipoint 5D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance - accelerated cardiac-
and respiratory-motion resolved mapping of mean and turbulent velocities.
J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2019; 21:42.
Wang X, Kohler F, Unterberg-Buchwald C, Lotz J, Frahm J, Uecker M.
Model-based myocardial T1 mapping with sparsity constraints using single-shot
inversion-recovery radial FLASH.
J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2019; in press.
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