Commit 6777e5f9 authored by Steffen Möller's avatar Steffen Möller

Corrected EDAM annotation file

parent 1a3dd476
ontology: EDAM (1.13)
topic: topic_0182 Sequence alignment
scope: clustalo
function: operation:0492 Multiple sequence alignment construction
input: data_2044 Sequence
input: format_1927 EMBL format
input: format_1929 FASTA
input: format_1935 gcg
input: format_1936 GenBank format
intut: format_1976 pir
input: format_1948 nbrf
input: format_1997 Phylip format
input: format_2188 UniProt
input: data_3271 Gene tree
input: ??? mBed-like
output: data_1916 Alignment
output: format_1984 FASTA-aln
output: format_1997 Phylip format
output: format_2000 selex
output: format_1961 Stockholm format
output: format_1458 Vienna local RNA secondary structure format
output: data_0872 Phylogenetic tree
output: format_1435 Phylip tree format
- Sequence alignment
- name: summary
- Multiple sequence alignment construction
- data: Sequence
- EMBL format
- gcg
- GenBank format
- pir
- nbrf
- Phylip format
- UniProt
- data: Gene tree
- data: Alignment
- FASTA-aln
- Phylip format
- selex
- Stockholm format
- Vienna local RNA secondary structure format
- data: Phylogenetic tree
formats: [Phylip tree format]
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