Commit 91778e71 authored by Andreas Tille's avatar Andreas Tille

Remove now useless get-orig-source script

parent 8f36f340
#!/bin/sh -e
NAME=`dpkg-parsechangelog | awk '/^Source/ { print $2 }'`
MVERSION=`dpkg-parsechangelog | awk '/^Version:/ { print $2 }' | sed 's/^\([0-9\.]\+\)[+~][-0-9]\+$/\1/'`
mkdir -p ../tarballs
cd ../tarballs
# need to clean up the tarballs dir first because upstream tarball might
# contain a directory with unpredictable name
rm -rf *
git clone --quiet $NAME
cd $NAME
VERSION=${MVERSION}+`date -d @$(git show --format="%at" | head -n1) +%Y%m%d`
# for esthetical reasons set file timestamps (if git-restore-mtime is installed)
git restore-mtime || true
rm -rf .git*
rm -f training/realign
# find youngest file name:
XVERSION=${MVERSION}+`find . -type f -printf '%T@ %p\n' | sort -n | tail -1 | sed 's/ .*//' | gawk '{print strftime("%Y%m%d", $0)}'`
if [ "$VERSION" != "$XVERSION" ] ; then
echo "+++++ Upstream commited only new binary build, no code change ++++++"
cd ..
mv ${NAME} ${TARDIR}
GZIP="--best --no-name" tar --owner=root --group=root --mode=a+rX -caf "$NAME"_"$VERSION".orig.tar.${COMPRESS} "${TARDIR}"
rm -rf ${TARDIR}
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