Commit 8fe72983 authored by Minkush's avatar Minkush

add mail subscribe script

parent b566fd0e
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests
import smtplib
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
# Submitting user email on the website
def subscribe_mailing_list(list_name, email):
# A session object has all methods of requests API
client = requests.Session()
url = ''
login_data = {'user_email': email, 'list': list_name,
'action': 'Subscribe'}, data=login_data, stream=True)
# Confirming subscription by replying to the mail
def reply_by_mail(reply_code):
reply_subject = 'CONFIRM ' + reply_code # Final Subject of reply mail
sender = '' # Sender's email address (don't change)
receiver = list_name + ''
msg = MIMEMultipart()
msg['From'] = sender
msg['To'] = receiver
msg['Subject'] = reply_subject
body = 'Subscribe'
msg.attach(MIMEText(body, 'plain'))
# Connects to server using port 587
server = smtplib.SMTP('', 587)
# " " contains sender's password (don't change)
server.login(sender, 'testuser')
text = msg.as_string()
server.sendmail(sender, receiver, text)
# For stand-alone script
if __name__ == '__main__':
print('This is a program to automate the process of subscription to the'
, 'mailing list.\n')
# Listing all mailing lists options
print('''Mailing lists: debian-outreach
\t\t debian-news
\t\t debconf-announce
\t\t debian-devel-announce''',
\t\t debian-events-apac
\t\t debian-events-eu
\t\t debian-events-ha
\t\t debian-dug-in
list_name = input('Enter the list which you want to subscribe: ')
email = input('Enter you email: ') # User's email
subscribe_mailing_list(list_name, email)
print('\nCheck your email for further instructions!')
reply_code = input('\nEnter the code of the subject you recieved\
in your email: ')
print('\nCongrats, you are successfully subscribed to % s mailing list!' \
% list_name)
k = input('\nPress any key to exit')
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