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    Remove 'last_layer_id' from ObuDecInputContext · a8de8819
    David Barker authored
    Previously, if we wanted to use all-layers mode, the code
    in obudec.c was responsible for carving up temporal units
    into spatial layers to feed into the decoder. Whether we were
    in this mode corresponded to whether last_layer_id is set to
    Now, the all-layers behaviour is implemented in the decoder proper,
    so we can always pass a full temporal unit at a time into the decoder.
    This means that the special code in obudec.c is no longer needed,
    and that all-layers mode now works correctly for "contained" streams
    (ie, annexb format, .ivf, .webm, etc.)
    Change-Id: I38a21e560c14f822b652f8c2880f6be9f7c2e2ec
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