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    Includes clean up. · dd3e2a5f
    Tom Finegan authored
    - Remove includes of config.h wrapped by HAVE_CONFIG_H. This
      is an obsolete vestige of our libvpx ancestry.
    - Change (nearly) all remaining include sites; use proper path
      to the include relative to project root instead of ./.
    - Correct include order where appropriate.
      - Note: This part of this patch is NOT exhaustive. In an
        attempt to be conseravative about the impact of this change
        I limited ordering and grouping changes to places that
        appear extremely unlikely to cause a problem. A more exhaustive
        follow up might be appropriate, but this issue can likely be
        handled organically from here on out.
    Change-Id: I3b421ffd46c5da6ef78e43e7a6d3b9550cb30325
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