Commit 1d858988 authored by Cheng Chen's avatar Cheng Chen Committed by Yaowu Xu

[Normative] Fix MFMV distance range


Change-Id: I4bcf1c9bef7d04a23a789893c1799d5ccb14b798
parent bdad9f13
......@@ -1159,11 +1159,11 @@ static int motion_field_projection(AV1_COMMON *cm, MV_REFERENCE_FRAME ref_frame,
int mi_r, mi_c;
const int ref_frame_offset = ref_offset[mv_ref->ref_frame[dir & 0x01]];
int pos_valid = abs(ref_frame_offset) < MAX_FRAME_DISTANCE &&
int pos_valid = abs(ref_frame_offset) <= MAX_FRAME_DISTANCE &&
ref_frame_offset > 0 &&
abs(ref_to_cur) < MAX_FRAME_DISTANCE;
abs(ref_to_cur) <= MAX_FRAME_DISTANCE;
if (pos_valid) {
get_mv_projection(&this_mv.as_mv, fwd_mv, ref_to_cur,
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