Commit f5b6260b authored by Hui Su's avatar Hui Su

Use reference RD upper bound for intra tx type search

On speed 1, this improves encoding speed by 6.5%.

Compression performance change is neutral.

Change-Id: I3c8775dd139ceed8190286aa69d915adc0d2368f
parent 79a501a6
......@@ -2118,8 +2118,8 @@ static void block_rd_txfm(int plane, int block, int blk_row, int blk_col,
search_txk_type(cpi, x, plane, block, blk_row, blk_col, plane_bsize, tx_size,
a, l, 0, args->use_fast_coef_costing, INT64_MAX,
a, l, 0, args->use_fast_coef_costing,
args->best_rd - args->this_rd, &this_rd_stats);
if (plane == AOM_PLANE_Y && xd->cfl.store_y && is_cfl_allowed(mbmi)) {
assert(!is_inter_block(mbmi) || plane_bsize < BLOCK_8X8);
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