Commit f777c549 authored by Dmitry Smirnov's avatar Dmitry Smirnov

guest/get-orig-source: use explicit path to system `wget` and `uscan` (Closes: #797113)

 Thanks, Austin English.
parent 0db5f145
......@@ -21,6 +21,6 @@ PKG = $(word 2,$(shell dpkg-parsechangelog -l$(PKD)/changelog | grep ^Source))
VER ?= $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog -l$(PKD)/changelog | perl -ne 'print $$1 if m{^Version:\s+(?:\d+:)?(\d.*)(?:\-\d+.*)};')
.PHONY: get-orig-source
get-orig-source: $(info I: $(PKG)_$(VER))
wget --tries=3 --timeout=40 --read-timeout=40 --continue -O libdvdcss_$(VER).orig.tar.bz2 \
/usr/bin/wget --tries=3 --timeout=40 --read-timeout=40 --continue -O libdvdcss_$(VER).orig.tar.bz2 \$(VER)/libdvdcss-$(VER).tar.bz2 \
|| uscan --noconf --verbose --rename --destdir=$(CURDIR) --check-dirname-level=0 --force-download --download-current-version $(PKD)
|| /usr/bin/uscan --noconf --verbose --rename --destdir=$(CURDIR) --check-dirname-level=0 --force-download --download-current-version $(PKD)
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