Commit d2c61e7f authored by Reinhard Tartler's avatar Reinhard Tartler

Remove DFReadBlocksRaw from symbols file

This symbol should never have been public, it is only referenced by
internal copies of libdvdread in xine-lib-1.2 and xbmc. Together with
j-b on IRC, we checked the sourced and confirmed this removal to be fine
parent eb7208fa
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ libdvdread4 #MINVER#
UDFFindFile@Base 4.1.3
UDFGetVolumeIdentifier@Base 4.1.3
UDFGetVolumeSetIdentifier@Base 4.1.3
UDFReadBlocksRaw@Base 4.1.3
dvdinput_close@Base 4.1.3
dvdinput_error@Base 4.1.3
dvdinput_open@Base 4.1.3
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