Commit df77a621 authored by IOhannes zmölnig's avatar IOhannes zmölnig

Removed obsolete d/ script

parent e8d465d0
## script to initialize a cloned repository
## with per (local) repository settings.
# - ignore quilt's .pc/ directory
# - enable the "--follow-tags" mode for pushing
error() {
echo "$@" 1>&2
NAME=$(dpkg-parsechangelog -S Source)
if [ "x${NAME}" = "x" ]; then
error "unable to determine package name"
error "make sure you run this script within a source package dir"
exit 1
if [ ! -d ".git" ]; then
error "it seems like this source package is not under git control"
exit 1
echo "tuning git-repository for ${NAME}"
git config push.followTags true && echo "enabled push.followTags"
egrep "^/?\.pc/?$" "${GITEXCLUDE}" >/dev/null 2>&1 \
|| (echo "/.pc/" >> "${GITEXCLUDE}" && echo "ignoring /.pc/")
for branch in pristine-tar upstream master; do
git checkout "${branch}"
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