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OP_NULL "null operation"
OP_END_COND "end of conditional execution (noop)"
OP_ATTACH_VIEW_MAILCAP "force viewing of attachment using mailcap"
OP_ATTACH_VIEW_TEXT "view attachment as text"
OP_ATTACH_COLLAPSE "Toggle display of subparts"
OP_BOTTOM_PAGE "move to the bottom of the page"
OP_BOUNCE_MESSAGE "remail a message to another user"
OP_BROWSER_NEW_FILE "select a new file in this directory"
OP_BROWSER_TELL "display the currently selected file's name"
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OP_BROWSER_SUBSCRIBE "subscribe to current mailbox (IMAP only)"
OP_BROWSER_UNSUBSCRIBE "unsubscribe from current mailbox (IMAP only)"
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OP_BROWSER_TOGGLE_LSUB "toggle view all/subscribed mailboxes (IMAP only)"
OP_BUFFY_LIST "list mailboxes with new mail"
OP_CHANGE_DIRECTORY "change directories"
OP_CHECK_NEW "check mailboxes for new mail"
OP_COMPOSE_ATTACH_FILE "attach file(s) to this message"
OP_COMPOSE_ATTACH_MESSAGE "attach message(s) to this message"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_BCC "edit the BCC list"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_CC "edit the CC list"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_DESCRIPTION "edit attachment description"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_ENCODING "edit attachment transfer-encoding"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_FCC "enter a file to save a copy of this message in"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_FILE "edit the file to be attached"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_FROM "edit the from field"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_HEADERS "edit the message with headers"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_MESSAGE "edit the message"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_MIME "edit attachment using mailcap entry"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_REPLY_TO "edit the Reply-To field"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_SUBJECT "edit the subject of this message"
OP_COMPOSE_EDIT_TO "edit the TO list"
OP_CREATE_MAILBOX "create a new mailbox (IMAP only)"
OP_EDIT_TYPE "edit attachment content type"
OP_COMPOSE_GET_ATTACHMENT "get a temporary copy of an attachment"
OP_COMPOSE_ISPELL "run ispell on the message"
OP_COMPOSE_NEW_MIME "compose new attachment using mailcap entry"
OP_COMPOSE_TOGGLE_RECODE "toggle recoding of this attachment"
OP_COMPOSE_POSTPONE_MESSAGE "save this message to send later"
OP_COMPOSE_RENAME_ATTACHMENT "send attachment with a different name"
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OP_COMPOSE_RENAME_FILE "rename/move an attached file"
OP_COMPOSE_SEND_MESSAGE "send the message"
OP_COMPOSE_TOGGLE_DISPOSITION "toggle disposition between inline/attachment"
OP_COMPOSE_TOGGLE_UNLINK "toggle whether to delete file after sending it"
OP_COMPOSE_UPDATE_ENCODING "update an attachment's encoding info"
OP_COMPOSE_WRITE_MESSAGE "write the message to a folder"
OP_COPY_MESSAGE "copy a message to a file/mailbox"
OP_CREATE_ALIAS "create an alias from a message sender"
OP_CURRENT_BOTTOM "move entry to bottom of screen"
OP_CURRENT_MIDDLE "move entry to middle of screen"
OP_CURRENT_TOP "move entry to top of screen"
OP_DECODE_COPY "make decoded (text/plain) copy"
OP_DECODE_SAVE "make decoded copy (text/plain) and delete"
OP_DELETE "delete the current entry"
OP_DELETE_MAILBOX "delete the current mailbox (IMAP only)"
OP_DELETE_SUBTHREAD "delete all messages in subthread"
OP_DELETE_THREAD "delete all messages in thread"
OP_DISPLAY_ADDRESS "display full address of sender"
OP_DISPLAY_HEADERS "display message and toggle header weeding"
OP_DISPLAY_MESSAGE "display a message"
OP_EDIT_LABEL "add, change, or delete a message's label"
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OP_EDIT_MESSAGE "edit the raw message"
OP_EDITOR_BACKSPACE "delete the char in front of the cursor"
OP_EDITOR_BACKWARD_CHAR "move the cursor one character to the left"
OP_EDITOR_BACKWARD_WORD "move the cursor to the beginning of the word"
OP_EDITOR_BOL "jump to the beginning of the line"
OP_EDITOR_BUFFY_CYCLE "cycle among incoming mailboxes"
OP_EDITOR_COMPLETE "complete filename or alias"
OP_EDITOR_COMPLETE_QUERY "complete address with query"
OP_EDITOR_DELETE_CHAR "delete the char under the cursor"
OP_EDITOR_EOL "jump to the end of the line"
OP_EDITOR_FORWARD_CHAR "move the cursor one character to the right"
OP_EDITOR_FORWARD_WORD "move the cursor to the end of the word"
OP_EDITOR_HISTORY_DOWN "scroll down through the history list"
OP_EDITOR_HISTORY_UP "scroll up through the history list"
OP_EDITOR_HISTORY_SEARCH "search through the history list"
76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86
OP_EDITOR_KILL_EOL "delete chars from cursor to end of line"
OP_EDITOR_KILL_EOW "delete chars from the cursor to the end of the word"
OP_EDITOR_KILL_LINE "delete all chars on the line"
OP_EDITOR_KILL_WORD "delete the word in front of the cursor"
OP_EDITOR_QUOTE_CHAR "quote the next typed key"
OP_EDITOR_TRANSPOSE_CHARS "transpose character under cursor with previous"
OP_EDITOR_CAPITALIZE_WORD "capitalize the word"
OP_EDITOR_DOWNCASE_WORD "convert the word to lower case"
OP_EDITOR_UPCASE_WORD "convert the word to upper case"
OP_ENTER_COMMAND "enter a muttrc command"
OP_ENTER_MASK "enter a file mask"
OP_ERROR_HISTORY "display recent history of error messages"
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OP_EXIT "exit this menu"
OP_FILTER "filter attachment through a shell command"
OP_FIRST_ENTRY "move to the first entry"
OP_FLAG_MESSAGE "toggle a message's 'important' flag"
OP_FORWARD_MESSAGE "forward a message with comments"
OP_GENERIC_SELECT_ENTRY "select the current entry"
OP_GROUP_REPLY "reply to all recipients"
OP_HALF_DOWN "scroll down 1/2 page"
OP_HALF_UP "scroll up 1/2 page"
OP_HELP "this screen"
OP_JUMP "jump to an index number"
OP_LAST_ENTRY "move to the last entry"
OP_LIST_REPLY "reply to specified mailing list"
OP_MACRO "execute a macro"
OP_MAIL "compose a new mail message"
OP_MAIN_BREAK_THREAD "break the thread in two"
OP_MAIN_CHANGE_FOLDER "open a different folder"
OP_MAIN_CHANGE_FOLDER_READONLY "open a different folder in read only mode"
OP_MAIN_CLEAR_FLAG "clear a status flag from a message"
OP_MAIN_DELETE_PATTERN "delete messages matching a pattern"
OP_MAIN_IMAP_FETCH "force retrieval of mail from IMAP server"
OP_MAIN_IMAP_LOGOUT_ALL "logout from all IMAP servers"
110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128
OP_MAIN_FETCH_MAIL "retrieve mail from POP server"
OP_MAIN_LIMIT "show only messages matching a pattern"
OP_MAIN_LINK_THREADS "link tagged message to the current one"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_UNREAD_MAILBOX "open next mailbox with new mail"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_NEW "jump to the next new message"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_NEW_THEN_UNREAD "jump to the next new or unread message"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_SUBTHREAD "jump to the next subthread"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_THREAD "jump to the next thread"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_UNDELETED "move to the next undeleted message"
OP_MAIN_NEXT_UNREAD "jump to the next unread message"
OP_MAIN_PARENT_MESSAGE "jump to parent message in thread"
OP_MAIN_PREV_THREAD "jump to previous thread"
OP_MAIN_PREV_SUBTHREAD "jump to previous subthread"
OP_MAIN_PREV_UNDELETED "move to the previous undeleted message"
OP_MAIN_PREV_NEW "jump to the previous new message"
OP_MAIN_PREV_NEW_THEN_UNREAD "jump to the previous new or unread message"
OP_MAIN_PREV_UNREAD "jump to the previous unread message"
OP_MAIN_READ_THREAD "mark the current thread as read"
OP_MAIN_READ_SUBTHREAD "mark the current subthread as read"
OP_MAIN_ROOT_MESSAGE "jump to root message in thread"
130 131 132 133 134
OP_MAIN_SET_FLAG "set a status flag on a message"
OP_MAIN_SYNC_FOLDER "save changes to mailbox"
OP_MAIN_TAG_PATTERN "tag messages matching a pattern"
OP_MAIN_UNDELETE_PATTERN "undelete messages matching a pattern"
OP_MAIN_UNTAG_PATTERN "untag messages matching a pattern"
OP_MARK_MSG "create a hotkey macro for the current message"
136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148
OP_MIDDLE_PAGE "move to the middle of the page"
OP_NEXT_ENTRY "move to the next entry"
OP_NEXT_LINE "scroll down one line"
OP_NEXT_PAGE "move to the next page"
OP_PAGER_BOTTOM "jump to the bottom of the message"
OP_PAGER_HIDE_QUOTED "toggle display of quoted text"
OP_PAGER_SKIP_QUOTED "skip beyond quoted text"
OP_PAGER_TOP "jump to the top of the message"
OP_PIPE "pipe message/attachment to a shell command"
OP_PREV_ENTRY "move to the previous entry"
OP_PREV_LINE "scroll up one line"
OP_PREV_PAGE "move to the previous page"
OP_PRINT "print the current entry"
OP_PURGE_MESSAGE "delete the current entry, bypassing the trash folder"
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OP_QUERY "query external program for addresses"
OP_QUERY_APPEND "append new query results to current results"
OP_QUIT "save changes to mailbox and quit"
OP_RECALL_MESSAGE "recall a postponed message"
OP_REDRAW "clear and redraw the screen"
OP_REFORMAT_WINCH "{internal}"
OP_RENAME_MAILBOX "rename the current mailbox (IMAP only)"
OP_REPLY "reply to a message"
OP_RESEND "use the current message as a template for a new one"
OP_SAVE "save message/attachment to a mailbox/file"
160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186
OP_SEARCH "search for a regular expression"
OP_SEARCH_REVERSE "search backwards for a regular expression"
OP_SEARCH_NEXT "search for next match"
OP_SEARCH_OPPOSITE "search for next match in opposite direction"
OP_SEARCH_TOGGLE "toggle search pattern coloring"
OP_SHELL_ESCAPE "invoke a command in a subshell"
OP_SORT "sort messages"
OP_SORT_REVERSE "sort messages in reverse order"
OP_TAG "tag the current entry"
OP_TAG_PREFIX "apply next function to tagged messages"
OP_TAG_PREFIX_COND "apply next function ONLY to tagged messages"
OP_TAG_SUBTHREAD "tag the current subthread"
OP_TAG_THREAD "tag the current thread"
OP_TOGGLE_NEW "toggle a message's 'new' flag"
OP_TOGGLE_WRITE "toggle whether the mailbox will be rewritten"
OP_TOGGLE_MAILBOXES "toggle whether to browse mailboxes or all files"
OP_TOP_PAGE "move to the top of the page"
OP_UNDELETE "undelete the current entry"
OP_UNDELETE_THREAD "undelete all messages in thread"
OP_UNDELETE_SUBTHREAD "undelete all messages in subthread"
OP_VERSION "show the Mutt version number and date"
OP_VIEW_ATTACH "view attachment using mailcap entry if necessary"
OP_VIEW_ATTACHMENTS "show MIME attachments"
OP_WHAT_KEY "display the keycode for a key press"
OP_MAIN_SHOW_LIMIT "show currently active limit pattern"
OP_MAIN_COLLAPSE_THREAD "collapse/uncollapse current thread"
OP_MAIN_COLLAPSE_ALL "collapse/uncollapse all threads"