Commit 6df56323 authored by Julian Andres Klode's avatar Julian Andres Klode

Do not mark packages for keep that we want to remove

If the package is marked for removal, keep it marked for
removal and do not mark it for keep. If we mark it for keep,
we some how later get to a different stage where it is marked
for unpack instead of removal.

In the example in the bug report, we would get a:

 SmartUnPack maas-region-controller-min:amd64 (replace version 2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1 with Segmentation fault

maas-region-controller-min:amd64 was marked for removal, but
we changed it to keep and somehow it thinks that this is to
be replaced now instead of removed (probably because the
InstallVer != CandidateVer [with InstallVer = 0]).

This fixes a regression introduced in release 1.2.7, commit:

Reported-by: LaMont Jones on IRC
LP: #1562402
parent a2025a9a
......@@ -1424,8 +1424,11 @@ bool pkgDepCache::IsInstallOkDependenciesSatisfiableByCandidates(PkgIterator con
StateCache &State = PkgState[Pkg->ID];
State.Mode = ModeKeep;
State.Update(Pkg, *this);
if (State.Mode != ModeDelete)
State.Mode = ModeKeep;
State.Update(Pkg, *this);
return false;
set -e
TESTDIR="$(readlink -f "$(dirname "$0")")"
. "$TESTDIR/framework"
configarchitecture 'amd64'
insertpackage 'unstable' 'maas-common' 'all' '2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2'
insertpackage 'unstable' 'maas-region-controller-min' 'amd64' '2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4837-0ubuntu1~xenial1' 'Depends: maas-common (= 2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4837-0ubuntu1~xenial1)'
insertpackage 'unstable' 'maas-region-api' 'amd64' '2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2' 'Depends: maas-common (= 2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2)\nConflicts: maas-region-controller-min\nProvides: maas-region-controller-min'
insertpackage 'unstable' 'maas-region-controller' 'all' '2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2' 'Depends: maas-region-api (= 2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2)'
insertinstalledpackage 'maas-common' 'all' '2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1'
insertinstalledpackage 'maas-region-controller-min' 'amd64' '2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1' 'Depends: maas-common (= 2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1)'
insertinstalledpackage 'maas-region-controller' 'all' '2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1' 'Depends: maas-region-controller-min (= 2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1)'
testsuccess aptget dist-upgrade -s -o Debug::pkgDepCache::AutoInstall=true -o Debug::pkgPackageManager=yes -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes
testsuccessequal 'Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Calculating upgrade...
The following packages will be REMOVED:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
The following packages will be upgraded:
maas-common maas-region-controller
2 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Inst maas-region-controller [2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1] (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [all]) []
Remv maas-region-controller-min [2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1] []
Inst maas-common [2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1] (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [all]) []
Inst maas-region-api (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [amd64])
Conf maas-common (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [all])
Conf maas-region-api (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [amd64])
Conf maas-region-controller (2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 unstable [all])' \
aptget dist-upgrade -s
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