Commit ef3ecda8 authored by Yaroslav Halchenko's avatar Yaroslav Halchenko

BF(VM): Give LibreOffice as an option instead of the N/A

parent f1e72d8b
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ additional components will be installed." \
FALSE "Emacs" "emacs" \
FALSE "Graphics (e.g. GIMP, Inscape)" "gimp,inkscape,svgtune,xzgv,vym" \
FALSE "Octave" "qtoctave" \
FALSE "" "" \
FALSE "LibreOffice" "libreoffice" \
FALSE "PyMVPA Tutorial" "$ipython,python-mvpa2,python-mvpa2-doc,python-mvpa2-tutorialdata,spyder" \
FALSE "Python: Electrophysiology & Modeling" "python-brian,python-pynn,python-pyentropy,stimfit" \
FALSE "Python: Neuroimaging" "$ipython,spyder,nipy-suite,python-mvpa2" \
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