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    Add basic volume example and clarify basic surface example · 3bb78273
    mwaskom authored
    Adding underlying files for logo
    Adapting MNE Python gen_rst sphinxext for thumbnails
    Change name of label example for ordering
    Change name of contour example for ordering
    Fix gen_rst so example index isn't double-headered
    Delete montage example for now
    Move view example for ordering
    Rename view example
    Improve code and aesthetics of parc values example
    Updating basic volume example further
    Name full and thumb images differently in gen_rst
    Track volume mask file
    Change datatype of mask file for better storage
    Demonstrate alpha in parcellation example
    Unify license statements across the package
    Change example README as it is now incorporated into the docs page
    Change view in label example
    Updating website banner
    Converting README to markdown and updating some aspects of it
    Flattening and tweaking doc index
    Increasing the size of the example thumbnails
    Update Alex's affiliation
    removing large files
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