Commit 5e401d2f authored by Christian Brodbeck's avatar Christian Brodbeck

EXA: add Brain.save_movie() example

parent b7bb299e
Create movie from MEG inverse solution
Data were computed using mne-python (
print __doc__
import os
import numpy as np
from surfer import Brain
from import read_stc
create Brain object for visualization
brain = Brain('fsaverage', 'split', 'inflated',
config_opts=dict(width=800, height=400))
read MNE dSPM inverse solution
for hemi in ['lh', 'rh']:
stc_fname = os.path.join('example_data',
'meg_source_estimate-' + hemi + '.stc')
stc = read_stc(stc_fname)
data = stc['data']
time points in milliseconds
time = 1e3 * np.linspace(stc['tmin'],
stc['tmin'] + data.shape[1] * stc['tstep'],
brain.add_data(data, colormap='hot', vertices=stc['vertices'],
smoothing_steps=10, time=time, time_label='time=%0.2f ms',
scale colormap
brain.scale_data_colormap(fmin=13, fmid=18, fmax=22, transparent=True)
Save movies with different combinations of views
brain.save_movie('', montage='single')
brain.save_movie('', montage=['lat', 'med'], orientation='h')
brain.save_movie('', montage=[['lat'], ['med']])
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