Commit f33d2e21 authored by mwaskom's avatar mwaskom

Fix and update prob. label example

parent 2f8d0189
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ It's also possible to plot just the label boundary, in case you wanted to
overlay the label on an activation plot to asses whether it falls within that
brain.add_label("BA45", color="#F0F8FF", borders=True, scalar_thresh=.5)
brain.add_label("BA45", color="#F0F8FF", borders=3, scalar_thresh=.5)
brain.add_label("BA45", color="#F0F8FF", alpha=.3, scalar_thresh=.5)
......@@ -46,10 +46,3 @@ prob_field = np.zeros_like(brain._geo.x)
ids, probs = io.read_label(label_file, read_scalars=True)
prob_field[ids] = probs
brain.add_data(prob_field, thresh=1e-5, colormap="RdPu")
Adjust the colorbar to represent the coarseness of the probability estimates
more closely.
"""["colorbar"].number_of_colors = 10["colorbar"].number_of_labels = 11
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