Commit f58b794b authored by Christian Brodbeck's avatar Christian Brodbeck

API Brain.save_movie(): remove `montage` option

parent c459429a
......@@ -43,12 +43,9 @@ scale colormap
brain.scale_data_colormap(fmin=13, fmid=18, fmax=22, transparent=True)
Save movies with different combinations of views. Use a large value for
time_dilation because the sample stc only covers 30 ms
Save a movie. Use a large value for time_dilation because the sample stc only
covers 30 ms.
brain.save_movie('', time_dilation=30)
brain.save_movie('', time_dilation=30, montage='lat')
brain.save_movie('', time_dilation=30, montage=['lat', 'med'])
brain.save_movie('', time_dilation=30, montage=[['lat'], ['med']])
......@@ -227,11 +227,8 @@ def test_movie():
tempdir = mkdtemp()
dst = os.path.join(tempdir, 'test')
brain.save_movie(dst, montage='current')
brain.save_movie(dst, montage='current', tmin=0.081, tmax=0.102)
brain.save_movie(dst, montage='single')
# brain.save_movie(dst, montage=['lat', 'med'], orientation='v')
# brain.save_movie(dst, montage=[['lat'], ['med']])
brain.save_movie(dst, tmin=0.081, tmax=0.102)
# clean up
......@@ -2088,7 +2088,6 @@ class Brain(object):
return out
def save_movie(self, fname, time_dilation=4., tmin=None, tmax=None,
montage='current', colorbar='auto', border_size=15,
framerate=25, interpolation='quadratic', codec='mpeg4'):
"""Save a movie (for data with a time axis)
......@@ -2109,25 +2108,13 @@ class Brain(object):
First time point to include (default: all data).
tmax : float
Last time point to include (default: all data).
montage: 'current' | list
Views to include in the images: 'current' (default) uses the
currently displayed image; a 1 or 2 dimensional list
can be used to specify a complete montage. Examples:
``['lat', 'med']`` lateral and ventral views ordered horizontally;
``[['fro'], ['ven']]`` frontal and ventral views ordered vertically.
colorbar: 'auto' | int | list of int | None
For 'auto', the colorbar is shown in the middle view (default).
For int or list of int, the colorbar is shown in the specified
views. For ``None``, no colorbar is shown.
border_size: int
Size of image border for montage (more or less space between images)
framerate : float
Framerate of the movie (frames per second, default 25).
interpolation : str
Interpolation method (``scipy.interpolate.interp1d`` parameter,
default 'quadratic').
codec : str
Codec to use (default 'mpeg4').
Codec to use with ffmpeg (default 'mpeg4').
if not has_ffmpeg():
err = ("FFmpeg is needed for saving movies and was not found in "
......@@ -2167,7 +2154,7 @@ class Brain(object):
frame_pattern = 'frame%%0%id.png' % (np.floor(np.log10(n_times)) + 1)
fname_pattern = os.path.join(tempdir, frame_pattern)
self.save_image_sequence(time_idx, fname_pattern, False, -1, -1,
montage, border_size, colorbar, interpolation)
'current', interpolation=interpolation)
ffmpeg(fname, fname_pattern, framerate, codec)
def animate(self, views, n_steps=180., fname=None, use_cache=False,
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