Commit fb5c56d6 authored by Christian Brodbeck's avatar Christian Brodbeck


parent 2a4e85d6
......@@ -2165,6 +2165,12 @@ class Brain(object):
bitrate=None, **kwargs):
"""Save a movie (for data with a time axis)
The movie is created through the :mod:`imageio` module. The format is
determined by the extension, and additional options can be specified
through keyword arguments that depend on the format. For available
formats and corresponding parameters see the imageio documentation:
.. Warning::
This method assumes that time is specified in seconds when adding
data. If time is specified in milliseconds this will result in
......@@ -2173,7 +2179,9 @@ class Brain(object):
fname : str
Path at which to save the movie.
Path at which to save the movie. The extension determines the
format (e.g., `'*.mov'`, `'*.gif'`, ...; see the :mod:`imageio`
documenttion for available formats).
time_dilation : float
Factor by which to stretch time (default 4). For example, an epoch
from -100 to 600 ms lasts 700 ms. With ``time_dilation=4`` this
......@@ -2188,6 +2196,8 @@ class Brain(object):
Interpolation method (``scipy.interpolate.interp1d`` parameter,
one of 'linear' | 'nearest' | 'zero' | 'slinear' | 'quadratic' |
'cubic', default 'quadratic').
additional keywords :
Specify additional options for :mod:`imageio`.
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